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5 Easy Steps to Create an Editorial Style Guide

Oct 13, 2015

Graphics and editorial style guides are foundational to build brand consistency in PR-marketing content. A previous post on this topic weighed in more heavily on graphics. So, to be fair, it’s time to talk about writing standards. Whether a client says, “Use Associated Press style” or provides us with an editorial style guide, this directive eliminates guesswork in writing. More importantly, it provides the brand consistency that builds familiarity and trust among readers. One beloved client regularly updates its 20-plus page style...

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The Secret to Building Strong School Ambassadors

Aug 28, 2015

Success stories abound on every school campus in America. Getting these stories into the hearts and minds of stakeholders is a goal of school public relations. Some of the most powerful success stories are those shared by school employees. Teachers, administrative assistants, aides, food service personnel, bus drivers, custodians and other support staff possess a credible voice about what is happening in their local schools. As employees visit with others in the community, both in-person and through social media, they are in a powerful...

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25 Affordable Ways to Market Your School

Aug 5, 2015

Besides an online presence and school newsletters, have you considered other affordable ways to build awareness of your school? Below are some suggestions. Before I jump into the list, remember that marketing your school should not rest solely with marketing-public relations staff. Teachers, administrative assistants, aides, as well as support staff, must understand their important role in school public relations. Provide them with brief talking points so they are always ready to share key facts about student programs and...

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End Inconsistencies in Your PR-Marketing Content

Jun 20, 2015

The important role of graphics and editorial style guides in PR-marketing content.  Recently I came across two publication style guides from a former job. As I chuckled at their dated visuals, they were a brilliant reminder that graphics and editorial style guides really do bring brand consistency to PR-marketing content. Regardless of where content is published – in print or on the Web – defining visual and writing styles builds familiarity and trust among readers. It also improves work efficiency for the communications team, eliminating...

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Quick Guide to Preparing Photos for Print Publications and Web Content

May 20, 2015

Strong visual images draw readers into print publications and web content. That’s why professional photography, either custom or stock, is the preferred choice of marketing communications professionals when designing newsletters, brochures, annual reports, magazines, online content and other publications. Sometimes, in-house or volunteer photographers are the only options. Regardless of where images originate, here are some guidelines for preparing photos for print publications and web content. Choose the Correct File Extension Beyond good...

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3 Compelling Reasons to Consider a New Brand Identity

Apr 3, 2015

1. Your school, college, hospital or nonprofit has a new leader with a fresh vision. 2. Your name no longer reflects your organization. 3. Your brand identity hasn’t been updated in 20 years. These are just a few reasons to consider a new brand identity. Let’s examine each one. A new president, superintendent or CEO takes over. New leaders often bring a new organizational vision. Sometimes this means monumental changes, as can occur when the previous leader served for decades. Sometimes, this change simply signals more openness in how...

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3 Brand Identity Lessons to Learn from Nature

Mar 3, 2015

After record cold temperatures this winter, I’m more than ready for spring and it’s kaleidoscope of colors. As Mother Nature puts on another brilliant show, she also teaches schools, colleges and nonprofits some lessons about creating and managing their brands. Before sharing nature’s wisdom, let me first clarify that a brand is more than a logo. It is the expectations that stakeholders have for an organization, its programs and services. It is the sum of all interactions they have with an organization and its people. Brand identity,...

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How to Actively Engage Realtors® to Support Your Schools

Feb 5, 2015

Schools and people’s perceptions of them drive home buying decisions and property values. As such, Realtors, brokers and corporate relocation professionals are strong influencers and need accurate information to share with their clients. Whether your goal is to build positive perceptions for a single school or an entire school district, this checklist provides a simple roadmap to create a communications program with these key stakeholders.   Conduct a focus group with a small group of Realtors. What do they know about your school and/or...

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7 Tips to Cut the Cost of Printed Marketing Materials

Jan 7, 2015

Graphic design and other choices made before printed marketing materials reach the press can significantly affect the cost. When planning annual reports, newsletters, brochures, direct mail and other marketing collaterals, consider these seven tips to help cut printing costs. Use standard paper sizes. 8.5” x 11” letter size is economical to print. So is 11” x 17” legal size. Bleeding ink off the edge of the page generally increases the cost because a larger sheet is required for printing, then trimming. Compare the weight of papers....

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7 Keys to Engaging Older Adults in Your Schools

May 13, 2014

As baby boomers become empty nesters and explore new interests, they’re ideal candidates to serve as school volunteers. In addition to sharing valuable skills from the workplace, they represent a major voting block that helps decide funding for education. Building relationships and engagement with these stakeholders takes time. Here’s how to get started: Plan Create a vision of your ideal school or school system. Brainstorm with teachers, staff, parents and community members about possible programs to support student success. Sometimes...

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