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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Nonprofit strategic planning helps organizations grow and thrive. A strategic plan is a valuable decision-making tool that empowers organizations to effectively use available resources. It brings focus to their hopes and dreams. It motivates personnel to develop needed procedures and operations to reach organizational goals. It also enables potential funders to understand your value and why you’re worthy of funding.

A comprehensive strategic plan assesses strengths and weaknesses in delivery of programs and services, fund development and fundraising, personnel, finances, public relations and marketing and board governance. It also makes an environmental scan to help determine competitive advantages, as well as potential opportunities and threats that could affect the organization’s work and relevancy. Key staff members (paid or volunteer) and board members, at a minimum, contribute to the assessment.

The Mills Agency brings objectivity to nonprofit strategic planning, enabling stakeholders to speak candidly. Depending on the scope and emphasis of the plan, we can help identify needed resources, measures of success and suggested timeline for implementation.

Among the elements included in our strategic plans are:

  • Mission or purpose statement
  • Vision statement
  • Values statement
  • Goals & objectives
  • Strategies & tactics

When you’re ready to envision your future through nonprofit strategic planning, give us a call. We love to help organizations grow and thrive.