Communicating Lasting Impressions

Strategic Communication Plans

strategic communications plan is like this road mapA strategic communications plan is the road map to realize organizational goals. Besides guiding work toward desired outcomes, it helps allocate valuable resources.

Communication plans can support an organization’s overall business strategy, a specific program or a one-time event. Crisis communication plans address appropriate responses to protect your reputation.

The first step in developing a strategic communications plan is gaining an understanding of the organization’s vision. Next is a review of existing marketing research to assess the current environment. Equipped with this information, we move through these steps to create your plan:

Set Goals
Target Audiences
Create Key Messages
Define Objectives
Develop Strategies
Establish Tactics & Activities
Develop Timetable & Budget
Assign Responsibility
Define Deliverables

Formulating a strategic communications plan takes time. If daily deadlines are preventing your plan from taking shape, contact The Mills Agency. We can help.