Communicating Lasting Impressions

Brand Identity and Logo Design

be a stand out with brand identity and logo design from The Mills AgencyCreating a brand may begin with a logo design, but it’s so much more. It’s an organization’s actions and the underlying values that drive those actions. It’s their messages and visual elements.  In short, it’s the emotional connection people make with an organization, created by the sum of their experiences with it.

Strong brands inspire loyalty. They convey credibility. Smart brands stand out from the crowd. Oftentimes, it’s the brand identity, or visual and verbal aspects of the brand, that are the most recognizable. 

At The Mills Agency, we can create a brand identity from the ground up or revitalize an existing one. Before giving it life, we develop a clear understanding of your organization’s vision and values, plus what makes it distinctive. We examine your culture and target markets. Audits and a client questionnaire help provide insights.

Creativity and logic then merge to produce a visually compelling logo design. That’s just the beginning. We write key messages. We apply your brand identity to touch points like stationery, print collateral, website design and marketing campaigns. Finally, we develop brand identity guidelines to ensure consistency in the use of your logo design, a cornerstone of branding.

When you’re ready to stand out from the crowd with a new or updated identity, give us a call. By nature, we’re brand boosters.