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3 Compelling Reasons to Consider a New Brand Identity

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1. Your school, college, hospital or nonprofit has a new leader with a fresh vision.

2. Your name no longer reflects your organization.

3. Your brand identity hasn’t been updated in 20 years.

These are just a few reasons to consider a new brand identity. Let’s examine each one.

A new president, superintendent or CEO takes over. New leaders often bring a new organizational vision. Sometimes this means monumental changes, as can occur when the previous leader served for decades. Sometimes, this change simply signals more openness in how business is conducted.

When it’s necessary to communicate a fresh vision or a significantly different way of doing business, revitalizing your brand identity makes sense. Of course, strategic planning is a vital part of this effort to properly capture your organization’s vision and values in the rebranding.

Your name no longer fits. When the nonprofit “Kenny County Beautification” moves from awarding grants for building and landscape improvements to lobbying against toxic air pollutants, it’s time to consider a new name and brand identity.

Likewise, a merger prompts questions such as which organization’s name, if either, will reign. Strategic planning and marketing research form the foundation for this type of rebranding.

Finally, consider the school district, college or hospital with a name based on its geographic location. When the institution’s service area expands beyond this geographic area, the name and brand identity may no longer make sense to newer audiences. Marketing research should help guide decisions about a name change.

Your brand needs revitalization. Even well-known brand identities need updating or they risk becoming obsolete. Far too often, I see what I call badge logos. You know the dated look, the circle that includes an organization’s name written along the path of the circle, possibly enclosed by a second inner circle.

brand identity evolution 1Just as fashion changes to appeal to generational differences, your brand identity should undergo periodic updates to stay relevant in the marketplace. See how these brand identities, shown here, evolved?brand identity evolution 2



Sometimes rebranding is subtle. Sometimes it’s dramatic. Always, it’s rooted in your organization’s values and strengths and discovering if stakeholders perceive these traits as you do. That’s why it’s called identity.

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