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25 Affordable Ways to Market Your School

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Besides an online presence and school newsletters, have you considered other affordable ways to build awareness of your school? Below are some suggestions.

Before I jump into the list, remember that marketing your school should not rest solely with marketing-public relations staff. Teachers, administrative assistants, aides, as well as support staff, must understand their important role in school public relations. Provide them with brief talking points so they are always ready to share key facts about student programs and achievements.


Spotlight Success, Build Your Brand

1. Ryoung-student-learningecruit and train a group of parent and student ambassadors to market your school and help carry out ideas.

2. Create a brochure or flyer with school highlights and photos of students engaged in learning and activities. Make sure it is accessible to visitors.

3. Share and constantly update achievements and events on your school marquee. Ask area businesses to do the same.

4. Design a Wall of Fame space. Post news and photos that highlight students, alumni and staff.

5. Offer a school spirit basket with branded attire, candy and other goodies to area nonprofits to raffle at their galas.

6. Invite Realtors® to tour your school and experience live student performances and testimonials. Give them school brochures and allow time for Q&A with the principal. More ideas here.

7. Promote school events and successes by asking homeowner associations and churches to share details in their newsletters.

8. Inquire about print and digital presentation opportunities in the Chamber of Commerce lobby. At a minimum, display business cards and school brochures.

9. Print and distribute bumper stickers or window decals to school families.teen-promoting-school

10. Offer extra student publications, athletic programs and school newsletters to businesses with waiting areas (doctor’s offices, hair/nail salons, tire and automotive repair stores).

11. Encourage art students to paint retail store windows for the holidays, or other occasions. Be sure to comply with city ordinances and property regulations.

12. Invite business-community leaders, reporters and alumni to read to students or make career presentations to them.

13. Arrange for students to entertain and educate during high traffic periods at the mall or town center. Give performing arts concerts, poetry presentations or career and technical education skills demonstrations.

14. Make school brochures available at nearby apartment complexes.

15. Work with city officials to equip them with student-created videos that promote your municipality. Share these on social media.

16. Partner with a pizzeria to have students create “Why Pizza is Great” menu art during National Pizza Day. Or choose another National Food Day from this list.

17. Developreading-school-library a presence at local community events. Participate in a parade, hand out water (preferably with school name) at a 5K/fun run or furnish entertainment.

18. Staff a booth at a health fair or other community event and talk to attendees. Provide a small giveaway and your school brochure.

19. Invite students to plan, organize and host a Senior Prom dance for older community members.

20. Write a letter to the editor of local newspapers highlighting school programs and student activities that address a topic in the news.

21. Offer student artwork to elected officials and businesses to display at their workplace.

22. Team up with a semi-professional or professional sports team to give students the opportunity to present the colors, sing or lead cheers.

23. Offer math fun sheets to local grocers for bag inserts during Mathematics Awareness Month or summer months.

24. Arrange with a public library girl-with-chalkboardto showcase student work.

25. Add reporters and editors to appropriate e-communications lists with approval from district public relations officials.

Hopefully, this list inspires you to consider new ways to market your school. If you need help creating a school brochure or talking points, please contact us.